Upcoming Work

I’m Pretty Fucked Up will premiere as part of Clubbed Thumb Summerworks 2014
June 13th thru 22nd. 
written by Ariel Stess
directed by Kip Fagan
set by Andromache Chalfant
costumes by Jessica Pabst
lights by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
sound by Daniel Kluger
stage manager Ellen Goldberg
with Lauren AnnunziataSeth ClaytonAlexander FloresBen HollandsworthAna NogueiraBonnie WhiteDanny Wolohan and Colleen WerthmannJune 13 – June 22
Opening night Monday, June 16th
(no performance June 17th)
All performances at 8pmbuy tickets    **    info on PlaybillI'm Pretty Fucked Up
Tragedy: we make theater for lonely audiences at Dixon Place Works-In-Progress June
Mabou Mines presentation of the Crown Heights Project June
where I perform a monologue about Crown Heights
You Didn’t See Her Alone / Heartbreak workshop and reading at New Georges’ The Room Mar. 29th thru 31st.
Play by Julia Jarcho
Opening March 15th – April 12th
Superlab @ Playwrights Horizons Feb. 10th thru the 14th. directed by Kip Fagan.
Photo: Bobby Moreno, Sarah Steele, Danny Wolohan, Katie Broad, Peter Albrink
a new living-room play
by Ariel Stess
Directed by Morgan Green
Dec 18 + 19, 2013
The New Ohio Theater @ 7pm
154 Christopher Street, #1E, New York, New York 100
The website with TIX info is here.
The Facebook event is here.
Inline image 1
photo by Nick Stango: Mary Rasmusssen and Noel Joseph Allain
With Noel Joseph Allain and Mary Rasmussen
On Mon., Nov. 11th, Little Theatre at Dixon Place will present “Protector”, a work-in-progress, inspired by Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Milo Cramer, Paul Ketchum, and technology on stage. Music composed by Jonah Rosenberg. More info below! Tickets $12 in advance!

Little Theatre: Vol XIV, No. 3  — November, 2013





    witten & directed by LaShea Delaney
with Valerie Evering as Condeleeza Rice
choreography: Morgan Fogarty
collaborators: Jon Berstein, Deepthi Welaratna

        Condi is at a party that hasn’t started, that will start, that may never begin.

    written and directed by Ariel Stess
artistic contributors: Milo Cramer, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Paul Ketchum
music by Jonah Rosenberg 

 So the Projector is also empathetic.
And he makes us and the audience feel sympathy for him.
And empathy.
So the Projector is also your Protector.
He watches you walk home at night.
He protects you.
    written and performed by Alexander Borinsky

 Can I tell you something I’ve never told anyone before? I woke up this
morning and my first thought was of you.
Part of a continually-expanding and consistently ill-folded map of an
American city. This portion concerns Magic Marvin, a blue marker, a
movie being made, and the Marriott Waterfront Hotel.
    by Anna Foss Wilson
directed by Rachel Murdy

Monday, November 11, 2013 — 7:30 p.m.
@ the new Dixon Place
161A Chrystie btw. Delancey & Rivington
(F/V 2nd Ave; 6 Bleecker; JMZ Bowery)

Tickets $15.00 @ the door
but just $12.00 online, in advance (https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/9818193)
seniors (ahem) $10.00
1st come, 1st served, no reservations (‘less you buy yr. tix online)
For more information, call (212) 219-0736, or browse www.dixonplace.org
YouDidn'tSeeHerAlone-HeartbreakThis Saturday (7/27) at 6:30p, New Georges will present a workshop of my newest play, “You Didn’t See Her Alone / Heartbreak”.

The play charts the non-journey of a man in his huge hallway and the responsibilities that await him at the other end. Through the hallway passes his daughter who lives far away and his wife who has been preparing for a company dinner in the kitchen. 

Written and directed by Ariel Stess

Sound by Jon Bernstein

With Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Paul Ketchum, Mary Rasmussen, and Gabrielle Young

The piece will run about 40 minutes.
There will be wine/Free!!
Please email me at: ariel.stess@gmail.com to RSVP (for a wine head count)!
We’ll do another showing of the work in early August, date/s TBD! Stay tuned.
These presentations are part of Ariel Stess’ residency at New Georges by way of the Audrey residencies program, which is in its inaugural year. 


On Feb. 23rd at Dixon Place, the first half hour of my new play, “I’m Pretty Fucked Up or the Howls and Sounds Play” will be presented by Dixon Place’s Works in Progress Series at 10p, directed by Jess Chayes. Appearing: Lucy Kaminsky, among others. I’m splitting the bill with the ingenious and inspirational Maxwell Cosmo Cramer and Milo Cramer.

On Feb. 27th, Barbara Harrison and I will work on “The Only Girl in the Hot Tub” at the Lark. I’m stoked to get to hear this play again, with a lot of new blood in the room, and make some changes.

*************Old News:*******************************************************


I’m directing a new piece… At Little Theatre at Dixon Place on Mon., Oct. 8th @ 7:30p, Ben Gassman’s new stunning short play Peer from the Dolomites will HAPPEN.

With Samuel Stonefield, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, and Sam Soghor. Come check it out.

161A Chrystie St.


He Ate Quietly into the Wall will premier at Page 22 in Chelsea in early September.

Check out the interview of the century, covering the upcoming project: 

To find out more about the show and my fundraising campaign, click below:


To help with my fundraising efforts, friend and quite talented New Mexico-based photographer, Winston Mason Riley, has donated two really lovely signed prints of the most beautiful place in the world — New Mexico. The prints will accompany donations made on behalf of the project. Click the link above to find out more. And, click below to check out more of Winston’s quite stunning work.


In He Ate Quietly into the Wall, a woman wanders into her living room in the middle of the night to find an old friend of her husband’s asleep on the couch. They speak through the night about matters of consequence and matters of no importance. Interwoven with their conversation is the story of two eight-year-old children playing in a fort in the desert — preparing for war.

He Ate Quietly into the Wall attempts to get at: what it feels like to grow up and the things we played with when we were young. 

Written + Directed by Ariel Stess

Sound by Jon Bernstein + Deepthi Welaratna

Technical Direction by Samuel Stonefield

Scenic Design by Abigail Lloyd

Promotional Photo by Winston Riley

Poster by Walter Green

Starring Noel Joseph Allain, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Mary Rasmussen, and Alexander Wright

Performances September 7th & 14th at 7p

8th & 15th at 7p and 9p

at Page 22, in Chelsea

435 West 22nd Street Manhattan, New York 10011

Email heatequietlyintothewall@gmail.com to reserve seats.

Uncanny Valley * 
this Saturday, July 7th (tomorrow) * will host a Post PS1 performance series, curated by Benjamin Gassman, that runs on a loop. My work-in-progress is at 4:30p and 7:30p and features the most lovely Maxwell Cosmo Cramer and Lucy Kaminsky. Stop by for a beer and a bit of entertainment///culture… I believe there is beer in exchange for a small donation and no entry fee.

Saturday | July 7 | 4PM
Uncanny Valley | 26-09 Jackson Avenue | Long Island City

“Untitled or Larger and Larger”
a play by Ariel Stess
with Lucy Kaminsky & Maxwell Cosmo Cramer
Something small and something large come together to make something larger.

Alaina Ferris
performing original songs

Blue Belt
live hip hop
The Deli says: “Come prepared to forget what you thought you could do with a sample.”

Nick Demopoulos 
the debut of the new, improved Smomid (String Modeling Midi Device)

Warm Up
then stop by.

The Lock and Door
written by Ariel Stess
directed by Meghan Finn
on Monday, April 16th at 8:00p
Inline image 1
Photo Credit: Winston Mason Riley
“Everyday when I wake up and all day long when I am home and sometimes into the night, even when you arrive I look up to see, maybe it’s him, and say maybe it’s him but it’s usually you, that problem.”
In an oasis village in the Southwest, Maggie and Jimmy, disenchanted by the constraints of monogamy, are in search of a more inspiring way of life. They bait their friends, Ronald and Julie, into engaging in a social experiment to achieve a heightened romantic connection.
And, in doing so, they wreak havoc in their own lives and the lives of their friends.
To attend, RSVP to lockanddoorRSVP@gmail.com
 Please join us on Monday, April 16th at 8:00p for Ariel’s Reading at the Bushwick Starr

Address: 207 Starr Street  Brooklyn, NY 11237
Check out our Facebook Event for upcoming casting news and updates as we get closer to the reading!

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